Sports Nutrition
Sports specific nutrition plans for training, competition, recovery, fat loss and weight gain for both individuals and teams at various levels ranging from recreational through to elite athletes.
Topics also include general nutrition, supplements, practical cooking demonstrations and supermarket tours.
Access to the most accurate method for assessing body composition - body fat, muscle mass and bone mass using DXA (Dual energy x-ray absorptiometry) enabling to accurately monitor changes over time.

Weight Management
Individual weight loss advice incorporating lifestyle counselling for adults, teenagers and children
Personal menu design incorporating your specific medical condition, food preferences, cooking skills as well as your busy work, training and family commitments.

Men’s Health
Targeting specific aspects of men’s lifestyle issues and working together to provide solutions to improve the way you live, work and play.

Executive Health Management Program
This is a 12-month comprehensive health management program. It encompasses the three crucial fundamentals of health management: nutrition, exercise and behaviour modification. The systematic application of these will create an environment conducive to correct, long term fat loss, body and mind reshaping.

The program uses specific information about you the INDIVIDUAL to create the best possible plan for your personal needs and goals. This program will help achieve long-term results from an individualized approach.

I will review your goals, analyze your eating and lifestyle habits and fine tune your food selection and your exercise plan to improve your energy, increase metabolism and help manage your stress levels. Short, medium and long term goals will be outlined to assist you in achieving your specific targets.

Healthy Cooking Demonstrations
Practical application to help you prepare healthy, nutritious and quick meals in a friendly and fun setting. This is a workshop especially for singles both males and females.

Online Advice
A great way to get your questions answered when a full session may not be required. Simply email me your questions and I will provide a written response within 24 hours of your inquiry. Telephone consults are available for clients living outside the metropolitan area and can be just as effective and educational as a face-to-face session. Private health funds will not cover phone consults. Any long distance phone charges are at the client’s expense.

Consultancy Services
This includes presenting nutrition lectures, seminars, conducting menu reviews and recipe analysis for restaurants, writing articles, designing educational material and providing tailor made education and staff training programs.

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